Friday, July 18, 2014

J is for Journey

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J is for Journey

June and July has been months of adventure for our family. IntelliGent, Dr. Dad and I have travelled over 6,500 km and seen many members of our scattered family.

IntelliGent has proved to be an excellent traveller and is already asking when we'll go on our next "long ride."


The first of our adventures took us to the south of Virginia to spend a week with Dr. Dad's sister, her husband, and their new baby. It was interesting to see IntelliGent interact with his new cousin. He was a sweet boy, wanting to hold the baby right away, then was gentle with her throughout the week. I was anticipating some jealousy as I held the baby, but IntelliGent was more curious than anything. He loved sharing his toys with her, and spent some time examining her toys as well. He has already declared that the baby is his best friend.


On our way home from Virginia, we stopped in Pennsylvania to visit Dr. Dad's brother and his family. Once again, IntelliGent enjoyed a chance to be with his cousins - this time a group of four older boys. It was a blessing to see the loving interaction between these cousins. The cousins - wowed by IntelliGent's script of questions - discovered an unfortunate truth: IntelliGent does not preform on demand. I discovered the fearlessness of IntelliGent as he handled his cousin's salamanders and frogs. It is nice to know he is a true boy.


We were only home a day before driving into Ottawa for my Canadian citizenship ceremony. This was the culmination of a long process - starting with my wedding vows over six years ago. What a blessing to have our whole family be duel citizens between the USA and Canada. Yesterday, my Canadian passport came in the mail. Our whole family can travel with the same country's travel documents. Dr. Dad and IntelliGent took me out to a nice restaurant to celebrate the accomplishment. I celebrated by voting the following day in the provincial elections.


Less than a week later, we were on the road again. Dr. Dad had a science conference in Sudbury, ON. IntelliGent and I spent four days enjoying Science North - a wonderful science center in Sudbury. We saw butterflies, beetles, cockroaches, turtles, flying squirrels, owls, beaver, porcupine, and snakes. While I love biology and could spend all my time studying the different animal exhibits, IntelliGent proved to be more like his father. He gravitated toward the different Physics interactive displays. His favorite was the gravity well - sending various size metal balls spinning around the circle and down the hole. He kept many of the "Blue Coats" entertained with his antics.


IntelliGent had been looking forward to visiting Granma and Granpa in Michigan for weeks. He loved being outside with Granpa. Most of all, he enjoyed camping with his cousins from Washington. My parents enjoyed having all the grandchildren together, and the kids did so well playing with each other. IntelliGent learned a few things from the girls - like how to say "I love you" with no prompting. While playing at camp, he was a feisty two-year-old. While I love the scholar, it does my heart good to see the little boy at play.

Our summer journeying is now finished and it is time to get back into our schedule and routine. IntelliGent spent the morning begging to do school.

I obliged.


  1. I'm glad to see you back at the posts. I've been missing them. This one is very special.


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