Friday, July 25, 2014

L is for Lightbulb

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L is for Lightbulb

Earlier this week, Dr. Dad and I went for our six month hygiene appointment at the dentist. We purposefully staggered our appointments so IntelliGent could come with us for a few minutes.

Six months ago, when IntelliGent first joined us at the dentist, he was fascinated with the waiting room. He talked about all the chairs and counted them. He mentioned repeatedly the circle lights in the ceiling. I had completely forgotten about those conversations until we entered the building together for my appointment.

The first thing IntelliGent noticed when we entered the waiting room was bank of lights over the reception area. "Look, Mommy. Someone changed the lightbulb." On our last visit, he had been so concerned about the burnt out lightbulb. Obviously, it left a bigger impression on him than I realized. All was right in the world now that the lightbulb had been replaced.

Only a moment later, he pointed to the bank of lights over the man waiting in the room with us. "I sat in that chair." It took a minute for me to recall that trivial information, but IntelliGent was right. He had sat in that seat six months ago. Who remembers stuff like that?

Further observances were cut short as the hygienist called me back to the room. As she worked on my teeth, I thought about the clear and detailed memories my son carried inside his head. It's a little frightening to think about.

I'm going to have to be extremely careful what I say and do, because this boy will remember it FOREVER.

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