Monday, July 28, 2014

M is for Monkey

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M is for Monkey

Before IntelliGent was born, we lovingly called him our little monkey. Dr. Dad would use the term of endearment as he spoke to him in the womb. Once IntelliGent was born, the name stuck. He wore monkey outfits and played with monkey toys. Any time we saw something with a monkey on it, I was tempted to purchase it. This love for all things monkey was fitting since Dr. Dad has enjoyed monkeys since he was a child.

So Many Monkeys - 4 weeks old
Our little monkey - 3 months old

There is one monkey that has taken precedence over all the others. This monkey has become IntelliGent's best friend and is never far away. Whenever IntelliGent is upset or sad, this little blanket monkey helps provide comfort and security. There are days, I almost think IntelliGent loves that monkey more than Dr. Dad or me.

But I know better.

Monkey Photo Bomb


  1. I think I bought Dr. Dad's first monkey at a rest stop in New Jersey on the way home to Nova Scotia. We had a van load of teens and adults on a college visit and Dr. Dad and siblings were with relatives. I was missing my little "monkeys". It's the little light colored one in the picture, maybe it is a gorilla.

    1. It's a well loved gorilla. That monkey isn't in with the others. He's safely stored with Dr. Dad's childhood keepsakes.


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