Friday, May 2, 2014

B is for Bible School

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B is for Bible School

I'm beginning to think that "school" is IntelliGent's favorite word. He loves school in all its shapes, from Sunday school to letter school. One of his favorite's is "Bible School" with Dr. Dad.

IntelliGent has been attending Sunday School with the older children in our church since he turned two. He has a fantastic memory and we spend a lot of time practicing memory verses. He loves reading story books about the Bible. 

We have talked with IntelliGent about the Bible and God since before his birth, but it wasn't until recently that we decided to add some formal Bible instruction in the home.

Dr. Dad and I bought the BJU Bible Truths curriculum (Walking God's Way) at the same time we purchased the K4 materials. We chose not to work through the Bible curriculum at an accelerated rate. The biggest reason for this decision is that Dr. Dad is teaching the material, and Dr. Dad doesn't have a lot of extra time on his hands to prepare lessons.

I love watching these two work through the lessons and talk about the Bible together.  

Could there be a sweeter sight?

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