Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Accelerated Learning

Today we finished the first quarter of Bob Jones University Press's Footsteps for Fours - a program we started a week and a half ago. Most of the content we covered in these first 45 lessons was a review of what IntelliGent already knew. However, he's demonstrated a good grasp of all the new concepts, except Left and Right.

When Dr. Dad and I ordered the program, we knew that we were going to be going through things at a quick rate. We were aware that IntelliGent already understood most of what the program had to offer but, afraid that I had missed some key concepts in our informal learning time earlier, we decided to purchase Footsteps for Fours anyway.

Keeping IntelliGent engaged and challenged has required we do a week's worth of lessons in a single day. IntelliGent is learning new skills as he cuts, glues, colors, and writes. His favorite part of the program has been the stories and nursery rhymes. Above all, he loves the little dog, Max.

Accelerated learning makes more work  for me than running through the teacher's manual as written would. Nap times are almost completely consumed with preparation for the next day's school time. It is tiring work but worth it when, in the morning, IntelliGent is barely out of his breakfast chair before he's pulling on my arm, begging to go to the schoolroom.

"Let's do school, Mommy. Would that be fun?"

Yes, buddy. It would be.

Just let me finish my mocha first.



  1. Incredible! Hope you have a good outlet to recover your own energies!

    1. I'm working on finding the right balance for our current situation.


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