Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When Work is Play

IntelliGent has chores.

Dr. Dad and I do not expect our 2.5 year old to wait on us, but we do believe in the importance of chores, even at a young age. IntelliGent's chores are not difficult, and we have spent the time showing him what to do so he knows what is expected.

What do chores look like for a 2.5 year old in our home?

Push in the Mattress - IntelliGent is small for his age. He is also cautious, so we place a second mattress under his bed to aid him in getting in and out of bed. In the mornings and after nap time, it is his responsibility to push the mattress back under the toddler bed.

Put Dirty Clothes in Hamper - After Dr. Dad or I help IntelliGent out of his dirty clothes, he knows it is time to put them away in the hamper. He also loves to help sort laundry on laundry day. He assists in loading and unloading the washer and dryer. 

Put Away MagnifiCat's Dish - This chore was self-appointed by IntelliGent. After watching me take care of the cat's food dish one day, he decided to start doing that job himself. He's done it every morning since.

Put Drink Away - Once IntelliGent learned how to open the refrigerator, it became his responsibility to put his half full sippy cups back in the fridge to keep cool. IntelliGent loves helping in the kitchen. He willingly assists loading and unloading the dishwasher (supervised of course).

Put Away Toys - IntelliGent is an orderly little boy, and has been very good about putting away his toys from the beginning. Due to his personality, I rarely have to ask him to do this chore. Things are put away in the right place when he's done playing.

As IntelliGent changes and grows, his responsibilities will change and grow appropriately. Dr. Dad and I make a point to acknowledge the work that IntelliGent does and thank him for it. We each contribute to this family in our own way, and that includes a 2.5 year old putting his drink in the fridge.

IntelliGent has chores, but to him they are just an extension of his day and his play.

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