Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dinosaurs are Huge!

Yesterday, we took our first school field trip to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. It was a complete success.

IntelliGent is too young to remember our last visit to the museum almost two years ago. He was excited when we suggested we go to a museum and I was eager to see his reaction. 

Dr. Dad and 9 month old IntelliGent at the Museum of Nature

"It's a castle." Those words of awe, spoken from the car seat in the back, set the tone for our entire visit. Everything excited and interested IntelliGent. He boldly walked though the museum and marveled at the wonders of nature.  

Just like the first time we went, IntelliGent was captivated by the dinosaurs. He loved to see how big they were and his delightful declarations filled the room. "Look at that dinosaur. It's huge!"


It wasn't until I knelt down to get IntelliGent's attention about something that I finally saw the world from his perspective. In his eyes, Dr. Dad (who is only 5' 3.5") is tall. Those skeletons were gigantic. I took a moment to gasp in wonder.

It had been too long since I paused to view life through the eyes of a child.

Our trip to the museum of nature was a success, not because IntelliGent filled his mind with new concepts and facts, but because he reopened our eyes to the amazing world around us - the world we take for granted every day.


  1. I enjoyed being with you on that first visit there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Next time you come to visit, we will have to plan a museum day.


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