Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Developmental Milestone Lag

Watching a child develop is a wonderful and sometimes frightening experience. IntelliGent has been delayed with his gross motor skills from the beginning. He was slow to smile, roll over, and crawl. I thought he'd never walk. While all his peers were up on their feet, IntelliGent was content to scoot around the room on his bum.

15 month old IntelliGent happily scooting along at the park.

At IntelliGent's 12 month check up, the doctor expressed concern because IntelliGent was still not pulling himself up and trying to stand. An X-ray was scheduled.

While I understand the purpose of developmental checklists, sometimes they create a lot of unnecessary stress for mothers. The days between getting the orders for the X-ray and the follow-up appointment with the doctor were scary. Every "what if" ran through my mind.

But there was nothing wrong with IntelliGent. He just wasn't ready.

I've learned since that IntelliGent has his own timetable for development. He waits until he can do something well before he tries. Even though he didn't walk until 20 months, when he did it was without the nasty falls that younger walkers often experience. IntelliGent's cautious nature has saved him from bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes. He's never needed a band aid.

IntelliGent still isn't hitting certain milestone "on time," but I'm no longer worried. He'll jump and alternate feet walking up the stairs when he is ready.

IntelliGent and Dr. Dad out for a stroll with the wagon


  1. Fun to read and super encouraging. Thank you.

  2. Christina, I'm with you on the milestones! None of my girls walked before 18 months and Kayla not until 26 months - though she did start with a brachial plexus injury which I think delayed all of her gross motor skills. She is almost 4 (June) and is starting to walk up steps with alternating legs (her 7 year old sister still forgets a lot of the time! too). They also were all bum scooters and walked when ready without the nasty falls. I'm now having to remind myself not to fret over other milestones of the school variety - knowing they all "get it" at different ages is not the same in practise as in knowledge! =) We live in such an environment of doing things at such and such an age or order that it is hard not to worry about it, but you are right not too.! God bless you. PS I'm Kimberley's sister if you are wondering. =)

    1. I think you're correct about the way our society tries to put all these milestones in a neat line, but everyone is different. Life isn't one size fits all. As long as my son is continuing to grow and change, I'm trying not to worry about the delays. But not worrying is hard work. :)


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