Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Follow the Script

IntelliGent loves routine. Our day goes much better if we follow the same schedule. If IntelliGent knows what to expect, he moves confidently through the transitions between activities.

This holds true with conversations as well. IntelliGent loves when we follow a script. His favorite script is a series of question and answers. It goes something like this.

What is your name?
My name is (first name)

What is your big name?
(first, middle, last name)

How do you spell (first name)? (last name)?
(spells correctly)

How old are you?
I'm two years old

Where do you live?
(names house number and street)

In what town? province? country? continent? planet?
(provides correct answer to each)

What is your post box number? What is your phone number?
(again providing correct numbers)

Who is the Prime Minister?
Steven Harper

Who is the Queen?
Queen Elizabeth II

Who is the President of the United States?
Barack Obama

The script continues to lengthen as we add new questions. He loves it. If Dr. Dad or I don't ask, IntelliGent will prompt us with the first question. And don't think you can get away with skipping a question. He will remind you how things are supposed to go, if you don't ask them in the right order.

This love for frequent repetition has been useful for reviewing bible verses and other facts he has learned. I'm always thinking about what other useful information would fit in our script.

What should we add to the conversation next?


  1. What is the first (last) book of the Bible? How many books are in the Bible (OT, NT)? Who was the first man (woman)? Who built an ark? Who was swallowed by a whale? Who was thrown in a lion's den? etc.

    1. Great suggestions. He is starting to learn the more familiar Bible stories during Sunday school and our family Bible times. We haven't talked too much about the Bible being a collection of individual books yet.

  2. What is your mother's short name, full name. Papa didn't know his mother's middle name when he was question at the international border one time!
    Father's real name, full name, etc.


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